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"Chris Elliott Is An A-List Copywriter.
I Give Him One Of My Highest Recommendations!"

Chris Elliott is an a-list copywriter who produces responsive, results-driven copy at a reasonable price and whose deep understanding of the tactics and psychology that trigger buyer response make him one of the tops in his profession.

I give Chris Elliott one of my highest recommendations.

Joseph Sugarman
Chairman, BluBlocker Corporation
Author of the Adweek Copywriting Manual
and Advertising Secrets of the Written Word


"Chris Took The Previous CONTROL Letters From Two Of
Our Top Cash Producing Websites
And Increased Their Conversion Rates By 7% And 16%"

"I Highly Recommend You Hire Chris Elliott Today"

Chris has written no less than 50 sales letters for multiple niche products we have created.  We clearly would not keep coming back for more if we were not getting RESULTS!

We have used Chris' services for writing web sales letters from scratch, and also too PUNCH UP sales letters that we had other copywriters write that were delivering poor results. Chris is great at discovering exactly what is currently not working in your sales copy and re-writing it to be a winner.

Chris took the previous CONTROL letters from two of our top cash producing websites and increased their conversion rates by 7% and 16% which equaled tens of thousands of dollars in pure additional profit that we were leaving on the table.

If you're serious about having great copy on your website at prices that are hard to beat then I highly recommend you hire Chris Elliott today.

Jeremy Burns

P.S. Feel free to contact me personally for a reference for Chris if you need one, but trust me when I say, if Chris can fit you into his schedule you should seriously book your slot now.

copywriting jeremy burns


"Chris Elliott Uses Words As Weapons, Each One Lethal And Aims To Win Profits For You, I Cannot Recommend Him Highly Enough"

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This is Jay Conrad Levinson, the Father of Guerrilla Marketing.

Chris Elliott uses words as weapons, each one lethal and aims to win profits for you. He has elevated the art of writing to the highest level.

To win the battle for profits, it makes sense to use a true professional.

In that battle for profits, there is no more worthy ally than Chris Elliott.

I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Jay Conrad Levinson
#1 Best Selling Author &
Father Of Guerrilla Marketing


"This Letter Is Damn Good"

Chris Elliott: "Hi Gary, can I get a recommendation?"

Gary Halbert: "Show me the letter quickly or I'm gone"

Chris Elliott: "Just e-mailed it."

Gary Halbert: "Well it doesn't suck, in fact this letter is damn good, I'll probably pass on some of the business I'm too busy for"

Chris Elliott: "Thanks. I appreciate that."

Gary Halbert: "I'm out of here and don't expect to find me on here often, i don't do chat"

Chris Elliott: "Thanks again Gary!"

gary halbert
The Late, Great Prince Of Print
On AIM In 2002


"I Recommend Chris For Anyone Looking To Get Great Clean Copy Written Quickly To Help Increase Your Product Sales."

“Chris took one of our sales pages that needed a lot of work, basically an entire rewrite and gave it new life very quickly.

We're very happy with the finished copy and we're sure it's going to increase conversions big time.

I recommend Chris for anyone looking to get great clean copy written quickly to help increase your product sales.”

Jeremy Gislason
Best Selling Business Software & Membership Site Author

jeremy gislason

"I Have Been Extremely Happy And Satisfied With Chris's Work And Would Not Hesitate To Recommend Him"

“I first used Chris's services around 2006 and kept in touch throughout the intervening years.

I have been extremely happy and satisfied with Chris's work and would not hesitate to recommend him as a Copy Writer.  Being a people person, Chris will focus on helping you attain your desired goals.


Errol Blackburn
CEO Edan Black Information Solutions UK

errol blackburn

"Chris Is Definitely In The Elite Class When It Comes To Copywriters, His Sales Copy Converts Insanely Well"


Chris is definitely in the elite class when it comes to copywriters, his sales copy converts insanely well. If you are thinking of hiring someone to do your copy stop looking anywhere else and just pay Chris NOW!

Even if you are not thinking of having someone do your sales letter for you, I recommend you have Chris take a look because he could increase your conversion 3 times or more what it is currently getting.

Don't walk... Run to Chris and have him start on your sales letter today.”

Terry Crim

terry crim

"Chris Really Knows People And Human Psychology
And Chances Are You've Read (And Purchased)
Something He's Written


“When it comes to copy, Chris is the man you want on your side. Anybody can hang out the shingle, but Chris really knows people and human psychology.

He has worked with some of the biggest names you know, and chances are you've read (and purchased) something he's written.”

Aaron Nye
IT Consultant, Anogy

aaron nye


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