Copywriting Services That Increase Response & Pull In More Orders...


Chances are, if you need sales copy for any type of media, I have experience writing it. Below you will find my fee schedule on various types of copy and promotional packages.

If you don't see what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact me for a custom quote and Free Copy Mastermind Session.

I look forward to jump starting your copy,


Sales Copy

  • Web Salesletter $2699
  • Direct Mail Sales Letter $3299

  • Website Home Page Copy $1699

  • Squeeze Page/Lead Generation Page Copy $999

High converting sales copy that emotionally charges your reader on your offer and weaves them masterfully toward a purchase decision.


eMail Copy

  • eMail Solo Ad (300 Words) $399 - Book 5 Or More Together & Get 50% Off Your Total!

  • eMail Solo Ad (600 Words) $699 - Book 5 Or More Together & Get 50% Off Your Total!

  • eMail Follow-up Sequence ((3) 300 Word Messages) - $999

  • eMail Follow-up Sequence ((6) 300 Word Messages) $1499


eMail sales copy that generates the coveted "click".


Mailer Copy & Mock Ups

  • Postcard (Copy & Mock Up) $1699

  • Direct Mail Package - Salesletter; Envelope Copy & Mock Up; Response Card Copy & Mock Up $4999


Persuasive sales copy that gets your prospect to open/read your message and take speedy action. Includes blueprinting/mock up sketches for the design department to use in designing each item.



  • Copy Critique (Web Or Mail Order) - $999


I go through your letter with a fine tooth comb and put together a 2 page laundry list of dozens of changes you can make to increase your response including copy suggestions. Three headlines to test, tweak and mix & match included.


Promotion Tools

  • Brochure (Trifold, 6 Blocks) (Copy & Mock Up) $999

  • White Paper (Up To 15 Pages) $3999

  • Yellow Page Advertisement (Up To 1/2 Page) (Copy & Mock Up) $999

  • Yellow Page Advertisement (Full Page) (Copy & Mock Up) $1499


Want to drum up some local business? There's no better way to do it than with a customer pulling brochure, white paper or yellow page ad. I craft the copy for your piece and then include a mock up/blueprint for the design department to use in creating your piece.


PR & Media

  • Press Release (1 Page) $499

  • Press Release (Media Explosion Package) - 10 Press Releases (1 Page) For Distribution - $3999

  • Radio Or Internet Audio Commercial Script (30 Second Spot) $999


Attract national media attention using our highly responsive press releases and audio commercial scripts. These pieces help pull in people's attention through the associated press and radio stations.


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