3 Ways To Effortlessly
Create Responsive Headlines

by Chris Elliott

If you're looking for an easy way to increase the conversion on your sales letter, squeeze page or pay per click ads, you can do so by changing one thing…

Your headline.

Your headline is the single most important piece of your marketing because it grabs the attention of your potential prospects and compels them to continue reading.

If you don't have a good headline, you aren't going to convince very many people to take any further action such as reading the rest of your sales letter or moving on the to the bullets on your squeeze page.

Here are 4 simple secrets you can use to punch up your headlines…

1) Use emotion inducing words such as transformation, engulf, energetic, accelerate, turbo, massive, insane.

By using powerful words such as these, you are hitting hot points in the emotional psyche of your reader.  They get people revved up and excited and make them want to find out more and continue that feeling.

2) Emphasize the biggest benefit that your product or service offering is going to give the prospect if they take action.

An example for a product that cures acne would be…

"Completely Eliminate Your Acne In 3 Days Using This One Step System, Without Using Any Greasy Creams!"

Now that's obviously a full headline and for the sake of this example, the main focus on that headline is "Completely Eliminate Your Acne In 3 Days".

If you're advertising a product that cures acne, you better believe that the headline above is going to catch your readers attention quickly because it promises the ultimate solution to their problem; a cure.

3) Don't use too much hype in your headline.

You can seriously over do it by using too much hype in your headline.  In the first secret I said to use powerful words in your headline but you can use too many powerful words.

If the reader thinks that you sound like some infomercial personality that's constantly selling some gimmick on late night TV, you're going to do some major damage to your credibility.
You can go overboard and the key here is to make sure that you use maybe one power word, possibly two, to emphasize the statement in your headline.  Try to maintain balance and excitement in your headlines.

I hope you enjoyed the 3 headline secrets that I've shared with you in this article.  If you apply them to your existing headlines, you may find that your conversions increase!

Pull out your sales letters, squeeze pages and pay per click ads and see if you can start using this information in your business today.

To your success,
Chris Elliott

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